Best and worst of the West Coast of Vancouver Island

The New Year is a time of list making and we thought we would jot our favorite anchorages and the most disappointing places on our few month trip down the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Of course, we didn’t go to many places, particularly those deep into the various inlets. Also, as usual, YMMV. We started out trying to make a list of the 5 best and 5 worst but it was difficult to only list 5 of our favorites.

Both lists in no particular order, and put on the list by both of us unless indicated. We tried to make our lists independently so a few of the items that are only on one of our lists (like Mary’s Basin) would probably make both lists after discussion. Carol found his list more influenced by the beauty of the actual anchorage than Livia which is why he left off Hot Springs Cove (bleh anchorage, but great things to do).

Special places:
Disappointing places:

There is a fairly good chance we are going to be on the West Coast this summer before heading to CA and then Mexico so perhaps we will revise or add to this list later…

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