The last three anchorages (in short)

IMG_5164Our last three anchorages in Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island were: the lagoon between Jaques & Jarvis islands, the town of Bamfield and the North side of Fleming Island by the Port Alberni Yacht club.

At Jaques-Jarvis lagoon (which we alternated pronouncing either anglicized “Jack-Jaaarvis” or frenchiefied “Jacque-JarvEE”) we met up with single-hander and planned Japan circumnavigator Kirk aboard SV Silk Purse. We had him aboard for roast and chatted about just about everything. The lagoon has a very tight entrance, navigable at high tide only with our draft, and the Dreamspeaker guidebook gives an entrance route that looks pretty scary on the CMAP charts. Carol rowed out in the dinghy with our handheld depth sounder, found the big rock and parked over it while I drove by about 5 feet from him (and the rock).  It was quiet and lovely inside. Kayaking was good, not fantastic.

Next we went to Bamfield for a grocery, internet stop. We spent a few nights there and had dinner aboard Silk Purse as well as catching a salmon burger at the bistro (fresh, but a patty not a filet). The West side of Bamfield is pretty and the hike out to the beach ended up in a spectacular beach/view. There is a small aluminum bench cemented high up on this rock and we sat there for a while drinking in the view.

Finally we went to Fleming Island and hiked the trails at the Port Alberni Yacht Club (below left). The trails there are beautiful rainforest trails leading to small pocket beaches. Definitely worth doing especially on a misty day like we had.  The docks there are quite expensive we thought (considering you are not in a town). We anchored anyways and they were already shut down for the Fall/Winter. Carol caught a nice sized fish.



  1. au contraire, we loved Jaques-Jarvis -- but then we were in a 36' trawler drawing 4'. The exit was a little exciting because our timing was set by other considerations so a small ebb current was running; that rock came up quicker than I wanted. The quiet was delightful, having the anchorage to ourselves. Bill

  2. Hi Bill - Thanks for weighing in. Lots of people do like it. sIt was definitely quiet. The entrance was tricky but do-able - would have been nice to have your draft! I found the water murky for kayaking (couldn't see much) and there weren't any nice places to get out of the kayak and sit/walk. Of course, it is so personal. - Livia



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