Meeting readers

Recently we’ve had another set of meetings with people we met via our blog or theirs.

We had Carol & Lance from SV Syrah over for drinks while in Victoria as they were making plans to move their new boat.

While at the Seattle Yacht Club in Lake Union, Bob & Jane from SV Eolian (and also the great site Small Boat Projects) came over with a bottle in hand for a session where we tried to get stories out of them and Bob managed to always turn the tables and get us yammering on again. Next time, you’re in trouble Bob!

And finally, we hung out with Aaron & Nicole, some likeminded sailors on the similar sized yet opposite-to-us boat SV Bella Star who very kindly helped us out with a bottle of home brew that my brother gave us (in this case, you’re in trouble Josh!).

Cheers to new friends and to fun people aboard ships passing in the night!



  1. And cheers to you! We're very much looking forward to sharing an anchorage this summer. Your brother makes an excellent cider!

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