Logbook*: Bacchante Bay

The anchorage in Bacchante Bay (49 27.118N 126 02.071W) is a deep bay surrounded by high forested hills with a river at its head. The entrance after a great half day of downwind light air sailing:
Resized IMG_4917

We had Bacchante to ourselves for 3 nights. The sun was out, the water in the bay was 20C and between the salty bay and the river we swam at least once a day. We’ve been living in swim suits and it has been great to have our swim ladder on the stern usable again. For those keeping track, we’re in Clayoquot Sound now – Hot Springs Cove is at the Northernmost tip of E Clayoquot. We’ll be heading to Tofino soon which is in W Clayoquot. This photo is from the mouth of the river looking back across the bay to the boat.

When you row up the river you can see the salt water influence fade. Here, lower near the bay there is still a lot of salt in the water and thus a lot of kelp. We spent the day exploring, finding and enjoying swimming holes and picking a bowl of berries.

Here, later, the water is mostly fresh and you can see there is just normal river growth. I’m scaling the slimy rock to get to some huckleberries. More dangerous than most sailing :)

Picking huckleberries (Livia) and checking the crab trap (Carol).
IMGP2652 IMG_4926

*A reminder for anyone who joined us here recently, logbook entries are for our own later enjoyment and tend to be photo dense and sometimes too wordy for a blog sound bite. Read at your own risk of boredom.


  1. Bah. Your water temperature is considerably above the forecast air temperature in Seattle for today: 16° C.

    Are you sure you want to come down to Seattle?


  2. :)

    I don't think the W Coast of Vancouver Island will be warmer than Seattle this Winter and the storms might be a little "exciting".

  3. @Jessica - "bracing"
    @MidLife Cruising - Glad!



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