Logbook: Maquinna (Hot Springs Cove)


Hot Springs Cove is a bit of a landmark on the West Coast. Natural hot springs, owned by the province, reached by hiking 2k on a wooden boardwalk through old growth rainforest. Better yet, they are only reached by personal pleasure craft, water taxi or float plane. No roads. Here we are in mid-August with the place to ourselves (the first night we shared the harbor with 5 boats – this is our last evening).

First the hike – besides the natural beauty it has been a yachtie tradition to carve your boat name into the planks, a sort of high end graffiti. We have ideas for next year. We saw a few boat names from people we knew, more from the SSB nets and a few who are currently cruising the world but left from here (and we read their blogs).

The hot springs start with a waterfall and there are a succession of hot pools. When the tour boats are at the docks there wouldn’t be enough room to soak around all of the people but a morning or evening visit meant the place to ourselves or almost to ourselves.

Here are a selection of pictures of the hike and the hot springs including the beautiful wooden changing structure and the ocean view from the hot springs.
IMG_4901 IMG_4902 IMG_4904 IMG_4905 IMG_4871 IMG_4877IMG_4879 IMG_4888 IMG_4881