A week in San Josef Bay

San Josef Bay is our new favorite place*. It is completely open to the South and we were a little nervous about whether we would be comfortable there even in NW wind because of the strength of the wind forecast. What we found though was the same or perhaps better protection from the NW wind than in Sea Otter Cove. Putting a few “mountains” in between us and the ocean made a bit of a difference.




The downside to San Josef Bay is that the swell wraps around into the bay and on a flood tide the NW winds fought the flood and keep us beam to the swell making it more rolly inside the boat.  For those who feel queasy in a rolly anchorage, that could ruin this place for certain.




I know that I just wrote about finding Sea Otter Cove pretty – but this place is much, much prettier. Stunning really especially for people who like to paddle about along the coast.


As we came into the bay we passed a series of reefs and rocks with surf crashing on them, a line of sea caves, and a number of small beaches. At the head of the bay are two long sand beaches that are connected at low tide and a few islets near shore.




We decided to stay for a while. Our longest stay so far has been 3 nights anywhere and we stayed 5 nights here. We might have made it a few more nights but the swell started to build and our last night was quite rolly.


- Livia


*I think we’ll have a lot of NFPs as we go along.

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