Logbook: Mary’s Basin

Definitely a new favorite place. The bay itself is pretty if you ignore the clear cut sections (which we find ourselves having to do a lot up here) and calm. The star of the place, however, is the waterfalls. A short paddle up a river at the head of the bay leads to a beautiful waterfall.


The water below the falls is still salty, but above the waterfall, after a slightly sketchy climb up, is a freshwater swimming hole and a second falls. Above the second falls is another swimming hole and then a rocky shallow river.


I found a perfect Livia sized smooth rock bath tub in the first swimming hole. A little slice of heaven. I stayed until I raisined.


On our second trip Carol found his new favorite shower.


Lovely, lovely, fun.


  1. The water was warm enough to "rasin" in? Wow.

  2. Looks waaaay toooooo cold.

  3. There is a similar, tho not as pretty, waterfall and coldwater creek in Pipestem Inlet, Barkley Sound. Lucky Creek is the name, if you are not already past the area.

  4. Very cool.
    @Sam - Thanks! We received the same rec from a few people and we really enjoyed Lucky Creek as well.