As I’m writing all of these logs about places we’ve been it occurs to me that there is something that should go without saying but unfortunately needs to be said and that is: your mileage may vary (YMMV).
We aren't you, so of course our opinions will probably be different. Keeps life interesting.

How we feel about a place is affected by many, many things such as:
- the types of stuff we like to do (kayak, hike, climb, swim, etc.) - some places are so-so by boat but gorgeous if you take the kayak around the island or into the nooks and crannies in the anchorage
- our comfort level or lack of with the anchoring conditions (holding, swell, wind)
- the weather we had at the time – sun makes a big difference in perception
- whether we had seen too many anchorages just like this recently or none like it
- our experiences with other boaters or locals at that place
- whether we caught anything to eat
- the position of pisces in relation to taurus and our chakra alignment
- etc.

If we didn’t like a place that someone else liked or if we liked a place other’s do not like we are NOT saying anything about them or about their experiences. Like I’m fond of reminding myself - “it isn’t always about you”.

Except here…it is our blog and all so I guess it *is* all about u.

- L

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  1. Well said. Indeed it is your blog, and your opinion.

    But (carefully not speaking for anyone else) *I* very much enjoy hearing what you think. Please don't stop.



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