Logbook: Ahousat

Have you ever visited somewhere that immediately depressed you? Where the people seemed unhappy and unwelcoming? That was our 15 minutes in Ahousat. I will tell you right now that there is a good chance that we are completely wrong about the town and that normally it is a happy, welcoming place. 15 minutes and being rubbed the wrong way by two people is not a great way to judge a town and we were told on the radio net that the owners are friendly. Still, we pulled off the dock 15 minutes after we pulled onto it, without buying *toilet paper*, headed out to our planned nearby anchorage and have no plans to return.

Tofino or bust.


  1. Wow.

    Well I hope you got the *wine* at least.

  2. But then the wine drinking might lead to more need for the *toilet paper* at least for Liv!! But I agree with *wine* on the priority list :)

  3. Knowing we would be in Tofino the next day, we bought neither.
    @ Bad Monkey - True.