Lucky Creek

 IMGP5088We anchored in Cataract Cove by Lucky Creek. The anchorage was nice but the creek was spectacular. At first we were underwhelmed by the falls. The pictures in the guidebook we have are either of the higher up falls or they are of a different season or a time with more rain because the first falls you see are a bit anemic. Once we climbed up to the first pool, we realized how beautiful the area was. There was a series of falls and bathing pools with mini rapids.


We had arrived with another boat (the bear scaring motorize dinghy) who came over to Estrellita 5.10b that evening to hang out and while we were swimming a couple from a third boat showed up but this late in the season we didn’t see any boatloads show up. Apparently lodges bring their guests to the falls and because you can only paddle/motor there at high tide everyone converges on the falls at the same time of day.


IMGP5083Did I mention there was a rope swing? Hell yeah. Carol found my first attempt at the rope swing so amusing that he gave me lessons until I could do a proper Tarzan full swing and drop. Of course, I plug my nose while falling which ruins the effect, but at least I no longer drag through the water to a pitiful stop and  then slide off of the rope.


We really enjoyed Lucky Creek. Definitely a new favorite place.



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