Feeding the Dream

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When you start surfing online you realize how many people are either getting ready to cruise the world, are cruising the world, or have cruised the world. As someone in the getting ready stage, reading those blogs reminds us of why we are working so hard to get ready to head out.

For us, blog consumption is feeding the dream.

I know, based on the number of people viewing this site or the site feed, that there are a number of sailors reading this. In fact, we have recently made the links page of some fellow cruisers-in-training who are cutting their docklines at about the same time as us. Ooh la la, famous!

What are your favorite sailing or other adventure travel blogs to read?

We have dozens on our google reader but my current top 3 are:

1) Bumfuzzle's sailing trip in which a couple with little sailing experience set out to circumnavigate on a catamaran and learned en route - trip completed. I've linked to the beginning of the trip in 2003.

2) Syzygy who are getting ready to leave this week. Three friends bought a project boat and this is a story that makes one glad one didn't buy a project boat! I'm excited to keep following them as they take off.

3) Narrated still photos in video format from Stinky Feet's completed circumnavigation. Beautiful, exciting, inspiring.


  1. So very true! I'm not ashamed to admit to being a “sailing blog addict”. A couple of my favorites, besides yours are:

    1. http://www.ourhonahlee.com/ - Bret and Lisa have some great pictures, unfortunately the economy has waylaid their plans. I haven't seen anything new for a year or so.

    2. http://www.theslapdash.com/ - Seth and Jaime have made it to Bali in their circumnavigation, but took 6 months off to raise some more trip money. These guys remind me a lot of bumfuzzle (with a little less bitching).

    3. http://www.saildosgatos.com/ - I'm a huge fan of Martin's podcast. I wish more people did podcasts like him. They give me 30 minutes of day dreaming on my drive in the morning.


  2. Shameless plug for a new blog, we are just starting out on the loonnnggg journey to casting off:



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