10 Question Snapshot at 2 Months In

The snapshots idea is that periodically over time we answer the same 9 questions and in the comment section readers can each ask us their own 10th questions. Two people with only two months of experience cruising.

We answered these independently and resisted the urge to change our answers after reading each other's. It was fun to see how the answers were sometimes identical and sometimes very different.

What do you love? Feeling like an intrepid explorer.
What do you dislike? Sails flapping on a no wind day and inflating/deflating kayaks and dinghy.
What do you worry about? Major things breaking.
What are you looking forward to? The unknown, the unexpected stuff.
Favorite place recently was the Bunsby Islands - specifically Scow Bay. Very peaceful.
Least favorite place recently was Nuchatlitz Marine Park. Not a good place to go after the Bunsby's.
A lesson learned is that guidebooks are great and useful and I wouldn't go without one but they can stop you from exploring. We stayed overnight at a few places that the book warned against staying overnight (probably covering their ass) but the conditions were right and we were fine.
Best gear award goes to...our electric system. It's the combination that makes it perfect - the batteries with the inverter etc.
Worst gear award goes to...the Ronstan snatchblock. It rusted and cracked with barely any usage.

What do you love? What I will be doing on any given day is based on my own whimsy and on the state of mother nature. On the one hand, the weather dominates our daily life. On the other hand, my life is completely free to direct as I will.
What do you dislike? "Bing Bong Bang" (the boat in no wind and a good swell) and inflating and deflating the dinghy/kayak.
What do you worry about? Dropping out of the social grid. Leaving old friends. Making new friends that I will soon leave.
What are you looking forward to? In the near future, seeing my family and spending part of the winter docked in cities in Washington I know well but haven't visited by boat. In the far future, snorkeling in warm water.
Favorite place recently is a tie between the quiet swimming holes at Mary's Basin and the busy but delicious Hot Springs Cove.
Least favorite place recently was Port Hardy.
A lesson learned is that because we were always sailing in busy places (e.g., the Gulf Islands) I thought I wanted isolation but now I realize that what I really want is something more like 40% just us, 40% anchorages with other fun boaters/paddlers, 20% towns.
Best gear award goes to...our solar panels...and our SSB.
Worst gear award goes to...our expensive snatch block which we bought for our preventer set up and which rusted and cracked in less than a year.

((Anyone a fan of the 7/14/21/etc up series? Or that movie by the Russian (?) director (Title: Anna?) in which he asks his daughter the same questions every few years? These snapshots are inspired by both plus my general interest in growth and development. ))


  1. #10 - Now that you've been out 2 months, what plans have you changed/adjusted since leaving?

  2. I love that you did a personal FAQ. I did one of these when I was pregnant, but I didn't post it. Perhaps I should - I really liked seeing yours.

  3. How many books have you read so far, and which have been your favorites?

  4. @Dryfeet - Good question. We planned to go to the Haida Gwaii and instead came down the W Coast of Vancouver Island. Also, we are thinking of taking a month trip this winter off of the boat (because winters are not so great up here).
    @Willowjp4 - I would love to read yours.
    @JessieMcD - I've probably read 20 books. I've been enjoying the ultra trashy Robert Parker crime solver-bad guy series and also re-read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night" which I love.




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