Feeding the Dream (2013)

For those of you dreaming of the tropics, either as a future plan or just as something fun to read about from your cubicle/office, here is a list of boats currently heading West in the South Pacific, each of whom we met (or re-met) while they were in traveling through French Polynesia. Check them out, follow them as they head west and drop them a comment if you enjoy the read!
For an older list, check this post


  1. Thanks for the list, any links for first year cruisers just heading out on the west coast of the North America this season? Always good to read the rookie reports...

    Fair winds

  2. Hi Chris, We are pretty out of touch with the current BC/WA departures. I know the crew of SV Palarran: palarran.com

    We made a list of departures for "our year" here but that is older news: http://thegiddyupplan.blogspot.com/2011/09/2011-southbound-from-bcwa-cohort.html

    If you make a list, let us know and we'll pimp it here.

    Cheers, Livia