The Estrellita Report: 2012 Update #1

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It has been more than a year since our last quick summary and those of you subscribed to that version of our blog have been neglected! For various subscription options, including more regular updates, go here. There should be instructions for removing yourself from this list appended to this email.

In the last update, we had just finished our first loop around Vancouver Island and had spent the winter cruising on and off in British Columbia. We were preparing to head North again for another loop before heading South to California and then Mexico.

We had a great time traveling as far North as the Haida Gwaii and we left from Tofino in July 2010 for San Francisco having a great 6 day passage. We spent a few months traveling in California before entering Mexico in October 2010. We visited some beautiful spots in Mexico but decided to leave in March 2011 for the South Pacific. Our nearly 27 day passage is captured in this 30 minute video.

Since our arrival in the S Pacific we have had a great time visiting beautiful places, doing some weird things and kiteboarding. We are currently reaching the end of our Visa in French Polynesia and will be continuing Westward this year until hurricane season in November. Current plans are to spend that season in New Zealand. Two years of cruising so far!

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