Logbook: Fakarava (White Sands)

P1040186 (1280x960)We left Fakarava’s South Pass and what a delight it was to sail inside an atoll. Flat water, breeze uninterrupted by the palm trees and our experience in Fakarava so far was that the marked channels were relatively obstruction free and most of the reefs were marked on our charts. We stopped for a night at Tonae and were chased around the cockpit by black flies and little biting bugs and so we departed the next morning for an internet binge (pay internet for the first time since we arrived in the S Pacific). The internet was Skype-able.

White Sands ResortInternet aside, the anchorage itself was gorgeous. We used the resorts beach and their chairs after first strategically making a dinner reservation and obtaining their permission. Dinner was expensive, tasty, with great service and a world class view.

The water was pool temperature and we would swim for a bit, sit in the chairs until we sizzled and then go back for another swim.

The view from the water was such a perfect postcard image that we took turns taking pictures in front of it. Who hasn’t dreamed of crystal clear water and a grass roofed hut on a pier stretching out from the white sand beach?

Carol, Estrellita at White Sands Resort


  1. I might be focusing on the wrong part of the story, but rowr!

  2. yes...dreams do come true!! That's awesome you two!!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle



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