Little Scorpion Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island

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Although we had mostly overcast weather in the Channel Islands we had a gorgeous sunny afternoon to kayak around the sea caves near Scorpion and Little Scorpion anchorages. Some of the caves were pass through caves and after careful scoping of both ends (to make sure they were tall enough to not crush our heads) we went through several. What a rush. The sounds and the turbulence of the water – awesome. Here is a formation I thought looked like an elephant and apparently I’m not the only one because we later saw it marked as Elephant Rock on a map.

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We kayaked up wind until we were pooped and then floated down wind until we got to the dock used by the tour companies.

There we took the kayak ashore and hiked up on top of the bluff overlooking the anchorage. It was very nice to be hiking in the sun again and the view of the water from up high gave even more intense colors to the water. Good place to get shots of the anchorage as well.

Although we didn’t stop by Anacapa, we sailed past the arched rocks on the Eastern side on an overnight sail to Redondo Beach. We were going to stop but it was grey again and we decided at the last minute to take another overnight in search of the sun.


  1. What kind of kayaks are your using?

    How did you work out stowage of them?

  2. We have the WM double inflatable with a backbone. We store it in the starboard lazarette when we want a clean deck or in its suitcase on deck when we want it quickly available. When we are really lazy (like now) and are using it frequently, we will lay it upside down on the port side of the mast. We can sail with it like that no problem.



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