Cheap booze in French Polynesia

Duty Free Booze  When clearing out of Papeete, Tahiti, you are eligible to purchase duty free alcohol which, by law, they must deliver to your boat. Not only do you pay 1/4 or less of the store prices for imported, they deliver the heavy goods to your dock, or in our case, our dinghy dock where we dinghied the goods to our boat.

Carol with empty booze boxesWine for $4, large Heinekens* for $1.50, bottles of rum for $5. We wish we had gone there earlier so we could have taken their menu to the local store, bought some tasters, and bought wine that we knew was good. Instead, because we did the errand last minute, we gambled.

The duty free cannot be consumed until you check out of French Polynesia. So now we have the portion of our wine from Mexico that was sealed by customs and a bunch of other stuff we cannot touch. A party when we leave?

The basic details of the duty free purchase are in “The Societies Compendium” by Soggy Paws – an online resource by cruisers for cruisers.

*Alas, the beer standards have plummeted since leaving Americanada.

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