Logbook: Prideaux Haven

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Can you believe that I found a post from last year that was never uploaded? Blas from the past - here are some BC pictures while we are in French Polynesia!

Prideaux Haven is one of those spots in Desolation Sound that is packed to the rim in the summer season and we had Melanie Cove (one of the 3 main anchorages in the area) either to ourselves or with one other boat each night.

The kayaking was great because the edges of the coves are lined with rock shelves full of critters, there is a large lagoon to paddle through, and a bunch of small islets to paddle around.

IMG_5657 (1280x853) Our last two nights were made even more enjoyable by the presence of Greg and Nicole on SV Baraka who joined us for dinner one evening and who were kind enough to donate some yeast to our pantry so we could made bread. After a few weeks without a grocery store our fresh supplies were still doing OK but we were out of baked goods.

The weather has been 50-50. We are early in the season and Spring has been touch and go in BC. Still, we’ve had enough sunny days mixed in to get some good time kayaking and we don’t mind (as much) transiting or playing in wet weather now that the air temp has come up.

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The great debate aboard SV Estrellita 5.10b is whether we’ll miss having any kind of summer at all if we spend 3 weeks in the Haida Gwaii – to be determined…


  1. Oh Prideaux Haven, we loved it there too... (We were there off-season as well) - funny that it came up now, I was just talking about Desolation Sound with another cruiser down here in Mexico... Thanks for the flashback! :)

  2. A breath of cool air in hot Costa Rica! I sure love the warm, sunny weather here, but I do miss cruising in Canada! We had Laura Cove in Prideaux Haven to ourselves for like 4 days... What an amazingly beautiful place. :)
    s/v Bella Star

  3. I guess if we had to share our time there with someone, it was good that we shared it with you. Might be a while before we share an anchorage again. Funny how far our paths have diverged in such a short time. Hope the warm weather is treating you well.

  4. Just did our "annual" hike up Llanover Mt from Roscoe Bay -- sunny, hot (to us up here in BC) and great views. Ended with a refreshing swim in Roscoe Bay.

    Do you miss it at all?


    (currently at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island)



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