The Estrellita Report: 2013 Update #1

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Our last quick summary was in July of 2012 and we told you that our current plan was to spend hurricane season in New Zealand. Well, they joke that cruising plans are written in the sand at low tide and this is a good example of that. We never made it to NZ.

Having fallen in love with French Polynesia, we went to the Cook Islands and decided that although it would involve two passages upwind against the trades that we were going to sail back to French Polynesia. Thus, after having a great time at Suwarrow and at Penrhyn in the Cook Islands, we sailed back to Bora Bora.

If you want a taste of our initial time in French Polynesia we made three videos: The Coconut Odyssey, A Taste of the Marquesas, and A Taste of the Societies.

We continued our upwind sailing all of the way through the Society Islands back to Apataki in the Tuamotus (both are part of French Polynesia). We left the boat in Apataki on the hard and flew back to North America where we spent 3 months being thoroughly spoiled by friends and family. And I mean SPOILED. All of our dual income friends took it upon themselves to treat us and host us time and time again. Thank you – you know who you are and we look forward to your visit on the boat.

While we were in N America we started the process of applying for a long stay visa for French Polynesia. This was subsequently granted and on my birthday we flew back to Tahiti where we stayed with friends in their gorgeous home who spoiled us further.

That is basically where the updates on the blog have left off. We still have to write about our trip to Apataki on one of the interisland freighters and our experiences in the Tuamotus since arrival. We plan to cruise in the Tuamotus this season and spend next hurricane season (N American winter) back in the Marquesas. After hurricane season we will continue our journey West further into the Pacific and leave French Polynesia fondly in our memories.

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