I’ve got (a good case of) the blues


The colors of blue in the tropics are so vivid and varied that they are difficult for me to keep in memory. When we left for N America I would tell people that the blue was indescribable. It is a color that you must see to understand and even photos can’t convey the intensity. Even having experienced and lived surrounded by these colors for part of a year, even having taken photos and videos, even after attempting to describe them while in the USA, the blues still took my breath away when we returned to French Polynesia.

It is as if your mind cannot fully contain the sensory input and so you can’t really remember the blues when you remove yourself from their presence.

This photo is from the village in the NE of Fakarava (Rotoava), Tuamotus, French Polynesia and the anchorage is nice enough but not particularly beautiful…and yet this is the color of the water when the sun shines.

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