The Coconut Odyssey

It has been a long time since we had VIDEO FRIDAY!

These clips were taken in April 2012 in the Marquesas where we had our first experiences trying to crack open a coconut. We try with a sharp rock caveman style, with a professional husker, and finally with some firefighters we meet on the trail who make poisson cru for all of us with a machete, a coconut, a lime and some fish.


  1. Very educational! (but that husking pole technique looks a little scary -- if one is not careful it could become more like "falling onto your sword").

    Love Livia's "Ahh, qui" with the Quebecois accent... wonder where that came from? ;-)

    SV Pelagia

    1. Hi David, It's true and the first guy taught Carol to keep one leg far foreward so it is difficult to fall foreward with any force.