Best of 2011

Time for a NUMBERS post.

Google Analytics reports that we had 35,363 visits to this blog from 11,133 unique visitors with 77,740 pageviews. People averaged 2.2 pages per visit and spent an average of 2 minutes reading per visit. We have 357 people who view this blog via a feedreader and 165 people who have the posts emailed to them.

So, what are you all reading?

“Best” is probably arguable, but the top 10 most viewed pages on this blog in 2011 were:
  1. Who are we
  2. Why Estrellita 5.10b
  3. Cost of cruising
  4. The Plan
  5. From the beginning
  6. Recent photos
  7. All posts labeled FAQ, using label cloud on sidebar
  8. Where we are
  9. 5 cruising toys

As you can see, these are mostly navigational or background from the nuts and bolts section of the sidebar. If we remove posts linked from the sidebar, we get a top 10 that looks like this:
  1. 5 cruising toys
  2. Southbound from BC-WA Cohort
  3. Best and worst of the WC of Vancouver Island
  4. How long will it take?
  5. Passage to Haida Gwaii
  6. Day 1: Southbound from Tofino
  7. Full enclosure
  8. Snapshot at 12 months
  9. Day 6: Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge
  10. Feeding the dream

The top 10 sites that people came from if they were referred to our blog from another website were:

The top 10 search terms that drove people to our blog from google or other search engines were almost entirely variations of our names and our boat name with the exceptions of people searching for these three items:
  1. current table british columbia (presumably finding this post)
  2. sv iridium victoria bc
  3. mahina rocna


  1. Hmmm, I can't even remember how I came across your blog over a year ago. Glad I did. David