The 2011 Southbound (from BC/WA) Cohort

For my own reflection, I’ve started collecting reports of this year’s trip from BC/WA down the coast to California. It’s fascinating to me to read how different the experiences were for different vessels, different crew, different weather windows, etc. The highs and the lows of that stretch of water.

I’ve put a link to either the start of their trip (if they blogged throughout) or an overview post. You’ll have to dig through their blog for the entire story if you are interested. I’ve also put the departure city (not the hailing port) and approximate date of departure.

This is only a fraction of the boats that headed down and of course, boats are still heading out. If you know of a (blogged) trip that I’ve missed, please leave a comment with a link to their first post or wrap-up.



    2 more blogs for your list Livia

  2. Great - I've added them and when I get back from climbing today I'll read them. Thanks Alison.

  3. Thanks for including us! We're in Neah Bay, taking care of a couple more jobs and just about to head out at long last.

    Looking forward to the warm sunshine of San Francisco! Cheers

  4. Hi Livia, we left from Victoria BC on SV Iridium. It was a wild ride for us!

  5. Love the list! I'll have even more of you to follow now! As I watched you both, I am now watching for Sv Nyon to make the journey. We have friends that left Victoria, to Neah Bay arrived in SF & are now in San Diego! They emailed as they don't have a blog but they are having the time of their lives!


  6. Hi guys! Hopefully we can meet up before you head south again. We are in Sausalito but are heading to Emeryville tomorrow most likely. Trying to clear customs at the moment! Here are a few more:

    SV Pearl:

    SV Madrone:

    Cheers! -Sara on Wondertime

  7. Hi Carol and Livia,

    We have been following your wonderful blog. We are among the 2011 BC/WA cohort, with a late departure from Neah Bay on Oct. 15, 2011. We have been hanging out in San Diego since before Thanksgiving finishing up boat projects but will be heading to Mexico in January ( Another boat with a late start was S/V Luckness. This vessel is in Mexico now. (

    Kirsten and Patrick from S/V Silhouette



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