Meeting CLIO

During a Christmas vacation in 2006 we decided to get serious about buying a boat. We hired John Neal of Mahina, an expert, to advise us in our boat search. Our expert recommended Mike Locatell, a broker at Discovery Yachts and one of the boats we wanted to look at in Seattle was Clio. She was the first boat we looked at...and the one we bought.

47 38.37 N 122 20.34 W



  1. Hi Carol & Livia,
    Still looking for the back story beginning. How did you get your boat? What led you to acquiring that type of vessel? Are there any videos of the trip from Canada South? The start of a cruise is as important as where you are now. I really enjoy riding with you two as you travel the Pacific islands.

    All the best to you both and fair winds,


    1. Hi John, We didn't write a lot about our selection process..mostly because we started this blog after we bought. We should some day.

      There are a bunch of videos on our youtube channel but this is a good one of our passage from Tofino to SF. HOpe it gets you started!