Kyuquot & The Bunsby Islands

And here begins the anchorage repeats – we visited a number of anchorages on the West Coast of Vancouver Island that we had been to last year. Kyuquot was one. Most things were the same including the unlocked wifi we picked up.


  • This year there were no burgers at the cafe. The cafe was open but only serving pie (good pie) and coffee. 
  • We met more people and socialized more this year. We hung out with MV Tropic Isle who fed us salmon and SV Sally Goodn who donated a prawn trap to our fishing kit (THANK YOU!).
  • We also enjoyed some hang out time and a fishing expedition on MV Last Mango which was a raging success. We caught and released a lot of fish but kept a load of salmon. We have been eating salmon, salmon pate, salmon pies and more salmon.

P1020235 (1280x960)  P1020240 (960x1280) P1020243 (1280x960)

The Bunsby Islands were a bust this year. We loved them last year and spent 8 nights in two anchorages kayaking and working on the boat in the sun. This year we had rain, rain and more rain. The good news is that we were rained in with other fun boats and so spent time commiserating aboard SV Bella Star and SV Rosemond.

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