Logbook: Kyuquot

As far as I can tell, this place is pronounced kye-YOU-cut.

This is one of those tiny towns on the coast that get their goods delivered once a week by boat (MV Uchuck II) and is a sport fishing charter hot spot. We planned our arrival for Friday because the fresh goods come in on Thursday and were able to pick up a few types of produce which was a relief. We hadn’t seen any produce for almost 3 weeks and binged on lettuce and tomatoes. Main dock with store centered in this photo…yep, this is it folks.


Reportedly there was a float through espresso stand which I was very bummed to find out was no longer there. I was delighted to find out that the owner had a restaurant instead with tasty burgers, great fries and world class pie.

We spent a few nights at the public dock downtown which is free for visitors and were able to top up our water tanks and enjoy some wifi. There is a small path connecting the houses but otherwise this is a boater area and everyone travels to the main dock by boat. People were friendly and although there isn’t much to say about the place it was a nice stop.

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