Rugged Point & Catala Island Marine Park

P1020250 (960x1280)As we did last year, we spent two lovely nights at Rugged Point. This time, instead of walking the beach we kayaked the small bays West of the main anchorage. Why didn’t we hike the beach? Because we surprised a bear cub. We crossed over to the beach and sat down on our favorite stump for a while and listened to the waves crashing on the shore.  

As we left the stump Carol looked over my shoulder toward the trail to the East and saw a bear cub. P1020252 (1280x960)The bear cub thought we looked fun and started galloping towards us. The trail back to the kayak was behind us, away from the bear and because we assumed Momma Bear was to the East as well, we ran like crazy people back to the trail. The cub was startled and turned to run away from us back the way it had come. We ran until our lungs exploded.

So…we decided to stay on our side of the beach and carve our board for Hot Springs Cove (more on that later) and also to kayak the gorgeous North side of the point in the sun.

P1020255 (1280x960) P1020257 (1280x960) P1020261 (1280x960) P1020262 (1280x960) P1020265 (1280x960)

We spent one night at Catala Island Marine Park which was new to us and has a pretty sand spit. We didn’t explore because the winds were right to continue Southbound and we had decided to move South if the wind was right unless there was sun…there was still no sun. It looked like a very nice place to be on a sunny day. There was a cool skull formation in the rocks too:

P1020284 (1280x960)


  1. Love the colors you capture of nature. Why is the rock pic gray?

  2. I thought it looked more skull like that way.



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