Kayaking around Big Bunsby Island

BUNSBYWe took our kayak around Big Bunsby Island on our second day.

This is just over 5 nautical miles which is quite a long haul for us in our inflatable beastie. We love our kayak but it isn’t exactly a touring kayak and once on the outside of the island we had some pretty good wind and wave action. We ran out of steam just about the time we returned to our bay. We didn’t see a single other kayaker on our trip although we had seen others entering our bay the day before and knew that some were camping on the island between the South tips of Big and Middle Bunsby Islands.

We visited a pocket beach on the East side of Big Bunsby and went for a swim and checked out a few lagoons. We checked out the other anchorages between Big Bunsby and the mainland and on the East side of Middle Bunsby both of which are nice but not as nice in our opinion as Scow Bay and more open. We moved anchorage to Little Bunsby for our last two nights so we could kayak around Little Bunsby more easily (more up next).

The coastline:

A lagoon on the S tip of Big Bunsby:
IMGP2553  IMGP2557

Beach debris – fishing net this time:

Our pocket beach on the SE side of Big Bunsby:

Our evening commute home:

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