Hot Springs Cove

People who have been reading this blog for a year might remember the gorgeous boardwalk to the hot springs at Hot Springs Cove. When we were there last year, we dreamed of heading South from Tofino and of leaving our board at Hot Springs Cove shortly beforehand. We left our board in Hot Springs – I guess that means we are finally heading South!

We jotted down the dimensions of the boards that boaters have carved last year and as we were leaving our hellacious April haulout, we stowed a board aboard to carve. At Rugged Point we took the kayak to the sandy beach where we were anchored and began carving.

P1020277 (1280x960)
 P1020272 (1280x960)P1020278 (1280x960) 

Although many boards are done with professional wood working tools, we enjoyed the boards that were carved by hand and wanted to add to that vibe at the boardwalk. Here is our board half-way finished:

P1020279 (1280x960)

And here we are placing it in the boardwalk. If you visit Hot Springs Cove after us, please send us a picture of our board!

 P1020299 (1280x960) 

We spent longer at Hot Springs Cove this trip than we’ve ever stayed anywhere (except a home dock) – 7 nights. It was sunny and our days took on a patter of lazy morning, boat work, a hike and soak in the hot springs, a late dinner and socializing. This year we explored some of the trails. These pictures are from the East side of the peninsula (accessed from a trail that breaks off from the washrooms nearest the dock – on the way to the campground).

P1020308 (1280x960) P1020311 (1280x960)

Also, if you visit, don’t miss the trail near the hot springs changing room that leads to a pocket beach where cruisers aboard SV Gia have put up a great swing instead of a plank. You exit the change room toward the hot spring, go left keeping the change room on your left and where the park sign says “no trail/access” keep going straight and left.

UPDATE: 5 years later we were given two copies of our board! Thanks guys!!


  1. Nice carving job... so what are the dimensions of the boards (including thickness) so future cruiser / visitors (like us!!) can bring a board of our own :)



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