Southbound Excitement

The excitement aboard SV Estrellita 5.10b is building.

Last year we floated through this area in the sun, swimming and dreaming of the next year when we would be in these same areas and about to make our passage to San Francisco.

Carol says: Remember how we were going to leave our Hot Springs Cove board on our way Southbound?

This year, we have been dodging rain and dreaming of Mexico. And right now we are sitting in Tofino, doing chores and waiting for a weather window to head to California.

Livia says: Remember when we were eating ice cream here in Tofino and thinking about how we would leave South from here next year?

Looking forward to heading out into the blue water in the not-too-distant future.


  1. Have a fantastic trip down the coast! See you down south! The Wondertime Crew

  2. We discovered your blog a few months before you cut your lines and started your Vagabonding life. We have followed along with your adventure and really appreciate the "Where are we NOW" update to your site. We look forward to following you on your journey and reading about your warm water adventures. Safe journey and fair winds!

  3. We'll be following in your wake a month from now, fair winds to you! Who knows, we may meet in some warm and *sunny* anchorage in Mexico some time, cheers, the S.V. Nyon crew

  4. Syrah - Thank you. That was very nice to hear.
    Wondertime & Nyon - Hope to see you down here soon!