Before and After: Tidal Grids

The extreme tides around here allow boats to use tidal grids to work on their bottom. The idea is that you come near shore on a high tide. Tie your boat to some posts and when the tide goes out you sit on the bottom but don’t fall over because of the posts. It works best with a full keel boat but apparently some people do it with certain types of fin keels as well (yikes). It looks like this:


  1. I have done it often in Britany. Last, with an IOR Carter 33in New York. . It is perfectly OK. Let's not forget the boat has a low center of gravity, correctly positioned above the keel. Of course, I suggest to re-center some very heavy items which might not have been "calculated" by the architect, such as an unusual amount of chain, additional water tanks...
    But if the boat was in her lines ( Horizontal my dear Plimsol ! :) there should not be any problem.
    If you are a bit "afraid", tie on an extension of the spinnaker halyard to shore, and "anchor" the main halyard. If you are really scared, prepare two wooden poles to jam under the hull. They will float away at high tide.
    In Antwerp, I even went to sleep on such a boat "in carénage". There was about 2 degrees of heel towards the dock, and no movement. I got seasick:)

  2. I'm making a note to look at your comment if we ever get that bold!



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