Prescriptions for the Offshore Medical Kit

I recently had the bulk of the prescriptions filled. We had been delaying because some expire less than 2 years after you get them and so every month delayed was an additional month of usefulness. However, we have great extended health care coverage right now so we definitely wanted to get them while we were only going to pay 20% of the cost.

Prescription meds

The next time we need to refill we should be in Mexico and buying even cheaper drugs.

For those new to the blog, we've already discussed finding a knowledgeable doctor-cruiser, what we put into our offshore medical kit including a prescription list, and which vaccinations I was given. 


  1. We just had that exact conversation about waiting a bit longer due to the expiry date. Unfortunately we do not have a health plan which will help us to pay for them. :(


  2. Well, if I understand your plan correctly you won't be anywhere super remote for a while. I think delaying is a very reasonable option for now. - Livia

  3. I have always wondered about those expiration dates... especially for pills. If they're kept dry, it seems like they'd last a long time - it's not like they are going to oxidize or something.


  4. I just received a tip from friends cruising in the Caribbean. They said that pills often get all stuck together, especially gel-type capsules, and even ones in what appears to be a tightly-sealed containers. They recommended bringing along extra desiccant packs and if possible, obtaining some medicines in blister packs.

  5. @Bob - My (unprof) understanding is that the antibiotics and things suspended in lotions or liquids really don't go much beyond the shelf life but that things like pain meds do.
    @Mike - Interesting, must be the heat! I will keep that in mind when we re-stock in Mexico.