Offshore Medical Kit

Offshore Medical Kit

A .pdf copy of the Offshore Medical Kit we keep on board SV Estrellita 5.10b can be found here*.

We keep the kit in three places: the BIG kit (shown) in the aft cabin, a small red bag for cuts and scrapes (shown) easily available at the nav desk by the flares and odds and ends in the bathroom.

Rather than go with a commercial kit I decided to make our own because we would be more familiar with the contents and could be more choosy about what went inside. We had a sturdy cooler bag and we used ziplocs with a boat-proof marker to organize the contents into easy to find sections.

A brief overview of how we came up with this list is here. We used a large number of sources but want to give particular credit to Mahina's Offshore Cruising companion and Beth & Evan's Medical List as .pdf. All mistakes and deviations from their lists are, of course, our own.

A free online copy of Where There Is No Doctor can be found here and Where There Is No Dentist here. On both of those pages you can either download individual chapters or the entire book at the bottom of the page.

Caveats: Of course, consult your own medical professional especially with regard to the prescriptions. What works for us may not work for you and/or we may have written something down incorrectly.

*If you want to send someone a link to this list, please send them directly to this post rather than directly to the link because we may change the file location.


  1. @Mike - No problem. I forgot to add which antiobiotics were for what so I just put those in the file.

  2. Solid advice – I spent years in the Scouting Association, Army Cadets and Surf-lifesaving doing first aid drills as well as constantly reading up on surfing and diving related medicine. Now I am looking at outfitting my yacht for some serious offshore passages, but I have gotten a bit rusty on first aid, so I really appreciate the above resource; well-done!

  3. Thanks guys - taking notes. Max



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