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I'm going to pimp these two interview projects on the Interview With A Cruiser site as well but you get it first here.

First, there is a great set of video interviews done by the folks at Get Her Onboard with 4 couples including Pat & Ali of Bumfuzzle who were interviewed on the IWAC site. I had an excellent time watching and highly recommend you take a peek.

Second, the women over at Women and Cruising have asked 15 women what they like most about cruising -- a very diverse set of cruisers and consequently responses to the question that I found fascinating.

Finally, in IWAC news, for those that know them, I am delighted to say that an interview with Beth & Evans aboard Hawk will be coming out on May 31.
- L


  1. Hi Livia,

    Looking forward to the Beth & Evans interview! You mentioned we are both cruising boats with pilots on board (me & your husband) but you did not know we both have Canadians on board. My fiancee (who is not yet talked into being in the blog) is a Nurse from the Toronto area whom I met while she was working here in the US. Maybe you can share some tips on the immigration process after getting married!

    S/V Liberty

  2. @Brett - Their interview is great! Our situation is complicated. When I first immigrated I was on a permanent resident card sponsored by my husband (huge amount of paperwork but straightforward process and only took about 9 months I think). But my Mother was Canadian at the time of my birth and the law changed last year so that anyone born abroad (first gen) to a Canadian is Canadian. So, now I am a citizen, but not through the spousal route.

  3. Livia: We have charts, books, fishing lures and other items. Get in touch with us via Jaimie.
    Bon Voyage. The adventure is wonderful, lots of work, but wonderful. Living aboard means knowing more about electrical, hydraulics, diesel engines, generators, computers, navigation than you ever wanted to know. Cheers, Carolyn DeCook,

  4. Hi Carolyn, I emailed Jaimie for your contact info! - Livia



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