I have a belly full of live typhoid virus

As an update to "I am a human pincushion" I realized I never jotted down what vaccinations were recommended by the travel clinic for our long-term cruising plans.

First I had to update a vaccine that I had no idea I was supposed to have again as an adult (i.e., who knew I needed a polio booster?) and also get a regular immunization that everyone needs every so many years (i.e., tetanus). Those two came together with diptheria as one shot.

After that, the doctor recommended a relatively simple set of vaccines initially* for our travels. Nothing as dramatic as I had worried. I walked out of the office with the first shot (above) and 3 other shots.

Hepatitis A (my second of the 2 required) -  at least 20 years
Hepatitis B (my first of the 3 required) - at least 15 years
Yellow Fever (one shot) - 10 years
Typhoid (oral) - 4 years

I went back for my second Hep B a month later and still need a third in the Fall. Right now I am taking the oral typhoid pills which are attenuated live virus, need to be kept in the fridge, have to be taken every other day on an empty stomach and make me feel dizzy and headache-y. Blech. Better than typhoid I suppose, the risk of which apparently starts in Mexico and continues as you head South.

- Livia

*I say initially because as we travel to various regions we will need to check to see what the health issues are at that time. We may need Japanese Encephalitis for example at some point and likely and update to typhoid.

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