The Roaring 40s

Well, well. We are in the 40s for days to go. There are no more "months" only "days". We check the count down on the website semi-regularly and I swear it has sped up.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we had 6 months to go, or 4 months or even 3 months?

Don't panic.

- Livia



  1. lIVIA...just in case you dont have this info...
    checkout places do increase the fun ratio!
    Eliza (svshibumi)

  2. Soon, you will have to do an interview with yourself!

  3. @Mike - So. Very. Excited.

    Thanks Eliza - I hadn't seen that. I'm going to convert that to a .pdf and keep it on my Nook (ebook reader) for when we are traveling. Perfect.

    @Bob - Well here is an interesting question. As a dual citizen I won't be cruising "outside my home country" until I reach 2 years from then, maybe!

    - Livia