Blog Myth #42

Myth: I don't want to comment because I don't want to intrude.

Are there bloggers out there who don't enjoy comments from random people they don't know?

I'm sure they exist but they have to be in the minority. As far as I can tell, comments are tokens of sweet blog love. Comments tell writers that someone is listening, that their audience isn't in their imagination, that people care.

You, dear readers, are great commenters. Thank you for the reinforcement.

- L


  1. Is it because they fear you will find their own blog and unmask them for what fools they are?

    Yes, I appreciate the work a blog takes. Thank you.

  2. @Bob - good!
    @Drew - But that would be a fool calling a fool a fool...and that's just awkward ;)
    @Willowjp4 - If you REALLY care you would buy me jam trousers.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my Sailblog and for setting up that Wauquiez users group. It's a pity we're just two for the moment...

  4. @Mike - I dis-heart the fact that I can't make this Mac heart without cutting and pasting... ♥

    @Tom - I know and I don't know if you heard the sad news about Andiamo?

  5. I have some sweet blog love for ya....
    Wow. That REALLY needs to be rephrased.

  6. Hi Livia,

    I found your blog a little while ago...through Mike's Zero to Cruising blog, and this post has prompted me to come out of lurker-dom.

    I have really enjoyed reading about your boat, preparations and adventures. I love the story about how you got engaged, and I really love the aerial shots of Estrellita 5.10B (when I first saw the name I wondered about what software it was :-).

    I can't wait for more blog posts from you guys. I love doing some armchair preparations while I'm stuck 320 km from our boat (makes it seem a bit closer).

    Best wishes and nice to meet you,

  7. Hi Sam, I went and peeked at your blog. Do you have a take off date? Very cool and thanks for writing and the compliments. Hope to see you here again :) Livia

  8. Hi Livia,

    Thanks. We are planning for the end of the Pacific cyclone season next April/May 2011. We are only able to do the jobs that need doing on Lucey Blue on weekends (we have jobs and school to attend to first). When you include the 650 km round-trip drive to get to her...our time aboard is, unfortunately, pretty limited.

    I think the time will go very quickly though. I can't believe it is already almost May! Your ticker is almost done. You must be very excited.




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