This is a test

This is only a test - of the scheduled blog update system.

This last week has been a great test of scheduled posting. I usually write a bunch of posts at once -- when I am inspired to write and/or when I'm downloading pictures from the camera. Rather than post a bunch of entries on a single day, I post-date the posts using Blogger's scheduling feature. At any point over the past few months I have had a half dozen posts pre-written and scheduled for the coming week. I can insert a timely post as I wish, simply moving the post for that date until a later date.

We left unexpectedly last week and, because of the scheduled posts, the blog kept marching on without us. It was funny to reply to emails from good friends saying "sorry I've been offline" and know that they probably had seen new posts on our blog.

This feature will be nice in the future when I write a bunch of posts while offline at anchor (i.e., on Microsoft Live Writer). I can upload the batch of posts and they will dole themselves out as scheduled rather than having 10 new posts show up on one day. For whatever reason I prefer regularity of posting in blogs I read rather than binge posting and I assume others are like me.

I don't mind the fact that the posts are not dated on the exact dates that they occurred. This log is for our personal pleasure, and to connect with family, friends and friends-to-be, not the authorities. We have an official log book on board.

Oh, and I wrote this post on April 17 :)

- Livia


  1. I do that too! Although I must confess that I am usually only a few posts ahead. And some days I am scrambling at the last minute.


  2. Right now I have a lot to say, a lot of time to type it up and a lot of motivation...I expect some of those variables to vary over time :)

  3. I only JUST figured out how to do this. I typically write whatever comes into my head during morning coffee time.

  4. @Mike - you are a champ! My friend joked that he was relieved to see I wasn't up posting at 4am every morning. L

  5. So good to know. I'm not inspired everyday, but I don't want to post several times a day. A happy solution.



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