4 months to go

Wasn't it just yesterday that I posted 6 months to go?


We made a huge to do list, prioritized it into "want to do before June", and "will do next Spring on our big haul-out prior to heading South" and then sorted the items from the first list into the remaining months. Really, other than a new battery bank, there is nothing on the list that we must do before leaving the dock. Our big push last summer to add gear is paying off.

We are 1/2 way through February and more than 1/2 way through the February list. For the boat folks, I'll post more on the gear and upgrades when they are each finished.

Generally, besides gear, we have been:

Thinning. We have shed even more belongings by eliminating our dock box storage at the old marina, items at Carol's work and at our friend's house. At this point everything is either on the boat, in our car still needing to be dealt with, or in 3 small filing boxes at my parents. I'm about to sort through our climbing and camping gear and continue posting items online.

Nesting. We have been building new shelving and storing items into bags and cubes so things are easy to find and stay clean. I took 3 days last week when the weather was reasonable and worked hard on our interior re-varnishing. I'm putting up some pictures on the walls in the next few weeks.

Playing. We are still finding time to play. We are climbing once a week indoors, I ran twice last week (the first and second time since the Royal Victoria Marathon), had our first 6 person dinner party last night, and have been enjoying our urban access by walking to stuff downtown.



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