Courtesy Flags

There is something so exciting about buying an enormous pile of courtesy flags. A pile of possibilities and adventure in fabric form.

Our first courtesy flag was a last minute purchase of a Mexican flag at a West Marine in California. After that expensive but low quality flag shredded itself quickly, we started purchasing inexpensive stick flags.

Our first purchase was a stack of stick flags from Although these flags also shredded they were a small percentage of the marine store cost. We remove the stick, put a cord through the sleeve where the stick was and tie a loop on each side of the cord. Then we can hook our flag halyard clips into the loops.

We just made a second order from Tidmore flags while we are in the US and this order covers almost the entire Pacific. More countries than we are likely to visit but we the cost of being covered is low compared to buying any flags on the spot.

Plus, having those flags feeds the dream. Even though we are planning on thoroughly enjoying our more than year in French Polynesia, this pile speaks to a continuing journey that we are both so excited about.


  1. I know exactly what you mean:I love them flags - they do feed the dream... Here's a tip to delay fraying (courtesy of Jeanne on SV Eagle) - Sew a 3-4 inch strip of tulle or like fabric on the end,it will absorb the wipping in the wind (it acts as a sacrificial add-on), plus you can't see the tulle from a distance - we did that with our cheap stick flags here in Mexico and it works.

    1. I had seen that post and want to try it. I tried to find their post to put it here in the comments but I can't find it. (grumble, grumble, sailblogs, grumble)

  2. How long did the flags last before they were unusable?

    Thanks for the tulle tip Kyra and Rick!

    1. If we leave it up 24 hours a day, they are pretty ratty by 3 months. Because we are remote a lot we've started pulling it down when we aren't near towns and villages to extend the life.



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