Logbook: Baie de Cook (Cook's Bay), Moorea

On our upwind trip back through the Society Islands in October 2012 we stopped in Moorea for a second visit. This time we stopped in Cooks Bay.

Our first visit to Moorea had been a stop in Opunohu - a visit full of sting rays, phenomenal views and good friends. We were in a bit of a rush to make Easting before the cyclone season picked up, and so our visit was short, but we were still impressed with the physical beauty of the island.

Even though we had spent some time in Bora Bora putting our boat back together after the passage from Penrhyn, the miles had left some gear needing maintenance. Our windlass was crusty with salt from all of the upwind miles and was starting to skip so we spent some time taking it apart, cleaning it, lubing it and putting it back together.

Moorea was just what we needed. We were still scrambling around to arrange the logistics of our impending travel back to N America and trying to make sure we had all of the supplies we needed for a haul out in a remote atoll Tuamotus.

With relatively light winds while we were in Cooks Bay we had a great place to get some work done while having such a stunning surrounding that we still felt like we were enjoying ourselves. Because we were off season we shared the enormous harbor with only two other cruising boats.

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