Traffic in 2012

Time for a NUMBERS post.

Blog Traffic. Last year I went over our blog stats and so this year instead of listing the stats I'll compare with last year. In 2012, as compared to 2011:
  • Our visits increased by 36%
  • Our unique visits increased by 44%.
  • Our page views increased by 36%.
  • The average number of pages viewed per visit remained steady at around 2.
  • The average amount of time people were on the site went down slightly.
  • Our percentage of new visits went up slightly.
Blog Content. Just like last year, the most viewed pages were the home page or background pages like who we are and where we are. If you remove background pages, the most viewed pages were:
  1. The Cost of Cruising
  2. Using our tags to find all posts about Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. The list of the 2011 Southbound Cohort.
  4. Our post about installing our Lavac toilet. Ha!
  5. The video diary of our passage from Mexico to the Marquesas.
Subscriptions. The number of people who subscribe to this blog via a feedreader increased to 467 and the number of people who have the posts emailed to them increased to 216.

Facebook. Other social media that I didn't include last year include our facebook page for the boat which has a paltry 162 likes.

Video. On Youtube our top 10 most viewed videos are*:
  1. Passage Diary: Mexico to the Marquesas 
  2. Inside a boat in a gale 
  3. Busy Kiteboarding Beach in Bahrain 
  4. Hauling a Sailboat With A Crane 
  5. A "Norther" in La Paz 
  6. Stingrays in Moorea 
  7. Trappers Cabin at Chatterbox Falls 
  8. Passage: Tofino to SF Day Three
  9.  Passage: Tofino to SF Day One
  10.  Sunset on Strait of Juan de Fuca
Referrals. Who drives the most traffic to our blog? This list looks similar to last year's with a few sites jockeying for different positions. The only additions are at #6 and #10.
Searches. What do people come to our blog after searching for? As usual, mostly they are searching for our names and our boat names. Beyond that, the most common search terms were:
  1. "beaufort sea" (presumably finding this post)
  2. And we still have people coming who searched for "current table british columbia" (presumably finding this post)
*I don't know how to get stats by year on YouTube and I'm too lazy to try to find out.

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