We are anchored in our first atoll and it is everything we imagined it would be.

Because it is our first, we have no baseline for comparison and in a way I am glad for that because we sit here convinced that we are in the most beautiful spot in the world...and when we go somewhere more beautiful, it will have the same effect on us.

White sand (coral bits) beach. Palm trees. Surf crashing on the outside of the motu and flat water inside. The boat sits still and flat in water so clear we can see our anchor 47 feet below. A turtle circles our boat. Small black tip sharks swim patterns around the coral heads in the shallow water as we peek our heads into the water with masks, still seated in the kayak. A pearl farmer visits and tells us when the supply ship is coming to the village a few miles away. We alternate playing, lazing about recovering from our passage and doing small boat tasks. A full moon glistens on the anchorage and keeps the sand shining white at night.

Estrellita is happily anchored all alone in the SE corner of Kauehi in the Tuamotus.


  1. That place sounds like the bomb!! we are so glad you two are having so much fun....

    Keep up the awesome posts, and those amazing descriptions.

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle



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