How expensive is French Polynesia?

At the risk of revealing our eating habits in public, I thought I would share some of our actual costs so you can decide for yourself.

Below is the result of two separate shopping trips to Magasin Larson in Taiohae on Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas in April 2012. Prices are listed in Polynesian Francs (CFP). I always calculate our exchange including ATM fees which made our rate 1 Canadian dollar = 87 Polynesian Francs. I haven't looked at the USD/CAD exchange recently. Last time I looked we were somewhere in the ballpark of parity. If someone wants to google and post the current CFP-USD exchange here that would probably be helpful.

At the time that we were shopping, we were well stocked with fruit that was given to us and we still had some veggies from Mexico. Also, we were still loaded with non-perishable staples (and booze) from Mexico so we didn't need any rice or pasta or canned goods.

2 baguettes 66 each
2 bags for baguettes 20 each
2 small containers of UHT whipping cream 268 each
7 liters of UHT milk 142 each
4 steaks 845 total
10 Frozen hamburger patties 1095 total
2 packages hollandaise sauce 130 each
6 packages three peppers sauce 190 each
Brie 569
Another brie 656
1 large can cassoulet 569
7 small tins of pate 240 each
9 bars of dark chocolate 250 each
4 boxes of coconut cookies 125 each
1 box of lemon cookies 160
2 large cans spaghetti sauce 266 each
2 large cans tropical fruit cocktail 191 each
1 large Hinano beer 270
Beer bottle deposit 60
1 Strawberry soda syrup 580
3 packages of rice noodles 255 each
8 small blocks of pseudo cheddar 192 each
Dried mushrooms (100g) 550
Strawberry mentos 100
1 cold Fanta soda 145
1 chocolate syrup 525

Tax 722

Total 16869 (~193 dollars)


  1. Yes, the Canadian dollar is at parity (or just above) with the US dollar.
    Looking forward to pictures of the atolls you describe so well.

  2. I appreciate your accounts of the day to day adventures of the more mundane aspects of cruising. One issue that I hope you will write about in the future is how you handle trash while cruising. Trash management during even a 3 week trip can be a challenge. What strategies have you developed to cope with the garbage you create?

  3. Doesn't sound like it's too bad! Loving your trip so far!



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