Marquesan flora

It occurred to me when we were walking in Puamau that the seemingly lush tropical plants I had seen in Americanadia were pale, stunted cousins of the real thing. Here are a few shots I’ve taken of the tropical flora:

Hiva OaHiva OaNuku HivaHiva Oa  Hiva Oa Hiva Oa  Nuku Hiva


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing "house plants" in Colombia, too. There are calla lillies, pointsettias, hydrangeas, and all sorts of other plants growing year-round, varying by altitude.

  2. hmmm, I wonder what the pretty, wispy one is in your third photo. I like it!

  3. Reminds me of Pandora, from Avatar.

    I don't suppose that any glow in the dark...


  4. Those are so cool! looks like you two are having just as much as we hoped you might. Keep up the great posts, and we will follow along as often as we can. Leaving Puerto Escondid in a day or two, heading farther north.

    We miss you two...

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle