Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Happy New Year from La Paz!

Last year we watched the fireworks at the Seattle Space Needle and this year we watched the fireworks shoot off over the town of La Paz, complete with loud live music and gunfire and flares at midnight. We toasted the new year with champagne and sparklers on our dock with SVs Eagle and Cat.

Even better, SV Shannon organized a "polar bear" swim today (New Years Day) at 10am on the beach in front of our dock and about a dozen of us went for a dip in various costumes. Of course, the water is pool temperature so not much fortitude was necessary.

As far as we know (or care to know), this was the inaugural La Paz Polar Bear Swim. We challenge future years to do it better! Oh, and yep, that's me in a full dress and tiara.


  1. Doggy was smarter: he kept lauhing at all of you ! :) Have a happy and safe year!

  2. Looked like you tried not to get your hair wet... or just preserving the tiara?