Northers: Under sail and at the dock


I've mentioned the "Northers" or stormy winds with a N or NW direction the rip down the sea of Cortez. After numerous warnings about them, we were cautious and observed a few of them before sailing in them. Essentially, for those people from BC or WA, a Norther is similar to a Westerly blowing into the Strait of Juan de Fuca or a Southeasterly blowing up the Strait of Georgia. The issues are the steep short interval waves that build.

Being comfortable running from the wind in those type of waves and comfortable with the strength of wind in a particular Norther (wind strength varies in what might be called a Norther), then we felt we could sail in them. So, we did. We ran the short distance from Isla San Francisco to Isla Partida (some of that distance is sheltered from the brunt of the fetch, some not). It was wet but manageable.

Here, on the other hand, is a video of us being beam to a Norther, with the fetch that builds in La Paz, at the new marina Vista Coral (formerly the Virtual Marina/Santa Cruz):


  1. Being at the dock doesn't look like much fun. Found a similar video of our recent storm here that sunk several boats at the dock. Taken from the boat across the dock from us, you can see a little peek of our boat as she pans around at the end.

  2. Glad to see you were further in from the more exposed dock!