Water toys

It is becoming more and more clear to us how much water toys can add to our cruising fun.

 IMG_6115 (1280x853)

Carol was recently towed around on our kiteboard (which is much the same as a wakeboard) and a few days later both he and I took turns being towed around the anchorage behind a fast dinghy on an inflatable SUP (which we covet).

IMG_6112 (1280x853)

Thank you Navigo! Thank you Pyxis!


  1. Yup, nothing like an anchorage with water skiers, pwcs etc.... (i.e., hopefully you were not in the anchorage).

  2. How big was that outboard!! I am jealous!!

    SV Eagle

  3. Why be anonymous, Anonymous?

    Islandwonder - it was!

    Tom - It's Navigo's. I'll have to ask Carol what he's using.

  4. Perhaps "anonymous" is how I want to remain... (quite reasonable is this day and age).

    Do you prefer to only consider non anonymous comments? If so, sorry, this was not clear. (Nevertheless, I enjoy your blog!)