Mexican Beer Tasting

We delayed our 500 days of cruising party a bit to join up with SV Bella Star and celebrate their 6 months of cruising at the same time. We used some of our Google Ad revenue* to buy an assortment of Mexican beer for a tasting and Bella Star brought some tasty guac for palate cleansing and beer-food pairing tests.

The beers: These are all of the kinds that we could find in 3 super mercados in Ensenada excepting any light beer or the beer with Clamato in it.

P1030029 (1280x960)

The tasters (hover over photos for names):

Carol Presents Una Cerveza Wild Man Aaron  Livia the Instigator Una Mas Nicole

The ratings: Overall, Bohemia (Clara) was a big hit. None of the crew liked either type of Dos Equis as much as they thought they did, when tasting naively. Carol still preferred Pacifico and could even pick it out of the line-up. Aaron still thinks PBR deserves its blue ribbon.



Our goal was well satisfied. Carol and I know what beers to order in a bar (Bohemia Clara if available, Pacifico for Carol and Sol for Livia if not). We also know what beers to buy in the grocery that we both will enjoy (Bohemia, then Sol/Tecate/Corona as second choices) and what beers to avoid like the plague (Barillita and Victoria). We’ve also decided that all of the beers tasted better with lime which doesn’t bode well for the genre :)

*I say it all of the time but I mean it. Thank you to those who click on the ads on the site or in the email/reader versions. You funded this craziness.


  1. SO much fun! And all in the name of science... But maybe we should try to keep my husband from wearing zebra-print rugs next time. Ha!
    -"Una Mas" Nicole

  2. Sounds like a great scientific experiment... I don't see Negra Modelo among the selection, and we haven't found it here yet. We just may have to do scientific research of our own. Cheers

  3. I can't promise that Nicole ;)

    Kyra & Rick - I know and I could find "Corona Familiar" but not the standard "Corona Extra" in Ensenada. You'll definitely have to have your own super-scientific testing.

  4. Could of told ya, Bohemia. Thirsty now.

  5. Livia I forgot a REALLY IMPORTANT addendum to my "Mexican beer pics" for you on FB. During Christmas holidays- and at no other time during the year- the hands-down *best* beer is sold. It's called Noche Buena, made by one of the big breweries, and it just awesome. Should be hitting the shelves soon... look in La Paz!



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