Carol speaks with Pierre


Pierre is a very bad pelican. I had to hit him with the boat hook. Really. I did and I don’t feel minutely bad about it.

He decided to roost on our Hydrovane. You will see Carol trying to get him to talk in the video. What you won’t see is that later, when he was off the Hydrovane, I went down the back of the boat to take the rudder off of it. While I was down there, Pierre snuck back and attacked me. The sharp curved bit on the top of his beak raked across my hair and then over my SUNGLASSES. Good thing I was wearing eye protection because how terrible would it be if my most dangerous moment so far, after sailing in the ocean, was during a pelican attack.

Carol went down later to get the rudder and I kept very vigorous watch with the boat hook. Pierre kept circling to defend his roost and I would make very sure he got nowhere near Carol.


  1. In Pelican speak he was saying, "Dude, stop staring!"


  2. Pierre looks rather cute... hopefully he didn't break your sunglasses!

  3. Freaky, dude! Birds and rodents need to respect the bubble! So glad you're ok!